Precious Name Ring

Precious Name Ring

Fingerprint Engagement Ring for couples

Taking the next step in your relationship can be daunting. But if you believe in your love then there’s nothing to worry about! Take the leap of faith and propose to your sweetheart with a Fingerprint Engagement Ring.

Engagement rings are the symbol of officially declaring your love. So why do it the traditional way with simple gold rings!

The Fingerprint Engagement Ring engraves your partner’s fingerprint and name on your ring. Wearing a ring that bears your partner’s personal attribute and name can be a very special experience. You will always feel their constant presence and are tied together by your love.

Fingerprint Engagement ring

The Fingerprint Engagement Ring is meticulously crafted in yellow gold. Every detail of your fingerprint is designed with accuracy on the inside of the ring. Your partner’s name is then inscribed on the top of the ring in the font style you desire. The name is later filled in with your favorite color, bringing a glamorous quotient to the ring.

The Precious Name Ring can be your proposal ring and also your engagement rings.

Whether you want to gift your partner or gift the happy couple who are about to get married, this Fingerprint Engagement Ring is a thoughtful gift to express your love.

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